Technical FAQ

Connecting to Ezy Systems Cloud Service Using a Mac


How do I access Ezy Systems cloud service using an Apple Mac?


The following app is freely available from the Apple App store and has been proven to work successfully with the Ezy Systems cloud service.

Microsoft Remote Desktop
Version: 8.0.40

This software was tested and proven to work when connecting to the Ezy Systems cloud server on an iMac workstation running macOS Sierra v 10.12.5

This software was able to:

  • Successfully logon to the cloud server and run EzyWine.
  • Allow me to map the local ‘Desktop’ folder to the connection which meant I could run EzyWine reports to ‘View’ and save them directly to the Mac desktop.
  • Seamlessly map local printers to the connection and print EzyWine reports back to the local printer.


  • It was noted that when connecting to the cloud server the connection would hang and display ‘Negotiating Credentials’.
    • To fix this specify your username only in the login credentials.

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