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Installing on a new client PC and migrating to a new server



Can you please send me documentation for installing on a new client PC and also for installing the latest version on a Server?

Client PC is Windows 7, and the new server will be SBS 2011 essentials which is Server 2008 R2 base.



To migrate EzyWine to a new server please see to the following link:


Migration is as simple as copying the root \Ezy folder from one server to another (after you have stopped sharing the folder).


For new client setup please download and run the following app on the new workstation and follow the prompts:


For existing clients, they may have a drive mapped to the old server share. Simple remap the same drive letter to the new server share.


EzyWine can also be accessed via remote desktop services (RDS). In which case there are two scenarios which the app can be deployed:

  1. Full desktop mode. Where the client connects to the RDS server and is confronted with a full Windows desktop. In this case you can run the ‘clientsetup.exe’, downloaded from the above link, on the administrator account and copy the desktop shortcuts to the global ‘All Users\Desktop’ folder so that the icons appear for each RDS user.
    • It is advisable to modify the shortcuts created to reference the servers physical drive where EzyWine is installed. Mapping to a share on the same server causes unwanted network (loopback) congestion on the server.
    • It is advisable that the RDS server and EzyWine host server are located on the same physical server.
  2. As an RDS published app. For further details please refer to the following link:

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