Technical FAQ

Running EzyWine on Apple iOS or OSX Devices


A common question from our customers is "Can I use my iPhone/iPad to access EzyWine?".


The short answer to this question is "Yes". 

EzyWine is developed using Microsoft technologies, this means that our software will not run natively in the Apple iOS or OSX operating systems.

The method used to connect and run the EzyWine application on these Apple platforms is usually via a 'Remote Desktop' or RDP connection.

Apps that have been tested are:

If you have EzyWine installed on a Microsoft Windows Server 2008 or better it is possible to run EzyWine as a 'RemoteApp' by copying the connection profile to the workstation/laptop. This appears to the end user that EzyWine is running natively on the users desktop with out the need for the user to see a full Windows desktop.

For those users with iOS devices, such as iPods, IPhones or iPads the only way to run the EzyWine software is via a third party remote desktop connection (RDP) application. Of which there are many freely available in the iTunes store.

Unfortunately due to the restricted nature of the iOS operating system it is not possible to copy a 'Remote App' connection profile to these devices.

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