Technical FAQ

Available EzyWine Imports and Exports


Information can be easily exchanged with EzyWine via the import and export of comma delimited (CSV) text files.

Here is a list of available imports and exports from the EzyWine application. The structure of these files can be provided at a later date.

Also imports/exports can be scheduled using the host servers scheduler application.



Grower Spray Diary Import
Import Active/Inactive List
Import Assets
Import Assets
Import Bottling Spec/Run
Import Bottling Specifications
Import Bulk Receival
Import Bulk Receival
Import C/Flow Budget/Forecast
Import Cellar Door Dockets
Import Chart Of Accounts
Import Creditor Details
Import Creditor Transactions
Import Creditors
Import Debtor [F5] Notes
Import Debtor Details
Import Debtor Messages
Import Debtor Transactions
Import Debtor/Stk GL Accounts
Import Debtor/Stock Allocation
Import Debtor/Stock Allocation
Import Debtor/Stock Discounts
Import Debtors
Import Employees
Import Employees
Import General Journal
Import GL Budgets
Import GL Chart Of Accounts
Import GL Forecasts
Import Grower Bookings
Import Grower Details
Import Grower Details
Import Growers
Import Growers
Import Invoice Containers
Import Lab Analysis
Import Mail Order Debtor Packs
Import Marketing Prospects
Import Non Stock Classes
Import Non-Stock Classes
Import Non-Stock Details
Import Order Confirmation
Import PDA Analysis
Import Planned Allocation
Import Plant Item
Import Prospects
Import Reference Data
Import Sales Analysis
Import Sales Budgets
Import Sales Budgets
Import Sales Credit Notes
Import Sales Dockets
Import Section Analysis Hist.
Import Section Projections
Import Section Rows
Import Stock Adjustments
Import Stock Count
Import Stock Item Details
Import Stock Item Discounts
Import Stock Item Prices
Import Stock Items
Import Stock Reorder Levels
Import Stock Standard Costs
Import Vessel Dip Table
Import Vessel Dip Tables
Import Vessel Types
Import Vessels
Import Vineyard Analysis
Import Vineyard Blocks
Import Vineyard Blocks
Import Vineyard Sections
Import Vineyard Sections
Import Vineyard Sections
Import Weather Station Data
Import Weighbridge Docket
Import Wine Batches
Import Wine Batches
Non-Stock Class Price Import
Non-Stock Class Price Import
Sales R.W. Budgets Import
Sales R.W. Forecasts Import
Vessel Import
Vessel Type Import


Asset Register Export
Asset Report Export
Bottling Report Export
Cellar Consolidation Export
Cellar Report Export
Committed Stock Report Export
Creditor Consolidation Export
Debtor Consolidation Export
Export ABS
Export Actual/Budget/Forecasts
Export Additions History
Export Alloc. Group/Stock Item
Export Assets History
Export Bottling Costs
Export Bottling Proposal
Export Bottling Spec/Mat
Export Bottling Spec/Run
Export Bottling Specifications
Export Bulk Despatch
Export Bulk Despatch
Export Cellar Ops History
Export Chart Of Accounts
Export Cons. Report (Styles)
Export Costs Report
Export Credit Reason Summary
Export Creditor Details
Export Creditor Ledger
Export Creditor Trial Balance
Export Debtor Details
Export Debtor Ledger
Export Debtor Trial Balance
Export Debtor/Stock Allocation
Export Debtor/Stock Allocation
Export Debtor/Stock Discounts
Export Empty Vessels
Export GL (Detail)
Export GL Cashflow Spreadsheet
Export Grower Del. Forecast
Export Grower Details
Export Grower Details
Export Harvest Plan
Export Mail Order Debtor Packs
Export Non Stock Classes
Export Non-Stock Classes
Export P/Orders (History)
Export P/Orders (History)
Export Packaging History
Export Payment Summary
Export Payslip History
Export PDA Analysis
Export Planned Allocation
Export Profit & Loss
Export Prospect Details
Export Purchase Orders
Export Purchase Orders
Export Purchases Summary
Export Sales Analysis
Export Sales Analysis (Detail)
Export Sales Dockets
Export Sales Dockets (History)
Export Sales Order/Allocation
Export Stock (Detail)
Export Stock Count
Export Stock Item Details
Export Stock Item Prices
Export Stock Item/Sales Area
Export Stock Movements History
Export Superannuation
Export Trial Bal. By Due Date
Export Trial Bal. By Due Date
Export Trial Balance
Export Vessel Composition
Export Vessel Spreadsheet
Export Vineyard Analysis
Export Vineyard Blocks
Export Vineyard Blocks
Export Vineyard Operations
Export Vineyard Sections
Export Vineyard Sections
Export Vintage Detail
Export Weighbridge Docket
Export Wet Register
Export WET Register
Export Wine Movement Balances
Export Wine Movements Summary
Export Wine Trace By Grower
GL Consolidation Export
GL Report Export
GL Report Export (Styles)
Grower Spray Diary Export
Mailing Labels Export
Non-Stock Class Price Export
Non-Stock Class Price Export
Sales Report Export
Sales Report Export Batch
Stock Consolidation Export
Stock Report Export
Stock Transfers Export
Vineyard Report Export
Vintage Report Export

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