Technical FAQ

Switching printer bins on a printer using HP LaserJet emulation


This document assumes you are configuring a laser printer that supports HP LaserJet and PCL v5 or better.

Printer bin or paper source redirection is implemented by issuing PCL commands to the printer at the beginning of output.


PCL command explanation
The PCL commands and syntax are as follows:

  ESC & l # H
  # = 0 Print the current page.
(paper source remain unchanged)
      1 Feed paper from the printer specific tray.
      2 Feed paper from manual input.
      3 Feed envelope from manual input.
      4 Feed paper from lower tray.
      5 Feed from optional paper source.
      6 Feed envelope from optional envelope feeder.

Ezy Systems software requires the above PCL commands to be entered as ASCII values.
The converted ASCII values are as follows:

  ESC & l # H
  27 38 108 48 72

Modifying the Ezy Systems software printer setup

1. Drill down to the following menu options:
  Main Menu --> System Administration --> Printer Maintenance --> Modify
2. Select printer key
3. Make sure driver field is set to old
4. Make sure emulation field is set to HP Laserjet
5. Append the ASCII converted PCL values to the initialise field
  EG.  To print to the lower tray or second printer bin.

6. Enter through all other fields or type [PgDn]
7. Select Yes at the Commit prompt

Multiple printers can be setup in the Ezy Systems software to enable you to print to either printer bin.

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