Technical FAQ

How to schedule re-build of indexes


EzyWine contains a tool which allows administrators to perform a scheduled re-built of the applications database indexes.

This is useful when you have a large amount of data and the regular re-build index option takes a long time to complete.

The following example assumes you are creating the schedule on Microsoft Windows 2003 Server and the user creating the schedule has administrative rights.

Schedules should always be created on the EzyWine host server.

  1. Select Start / All Programs / Control Panel / Scheduled Tasks / Add Scheduled Task
  2. When prompted for an application to schedule select 'Browse'.

  3. Browse to the 'foxfxp' folder located under the root EzyWine folder and select the file 'SYS01BAT.EXE'.

  4. Rename the scheduled task to something more meaningful. For example 'EzyWine Re-build Index' and select a schedule interval.

    For most clients 'Weekly' would be an appropriate interval. Please note this example is using a 'Daily' schedule.
  5. Specify the time of day to perform the re-index.

    It is best to select a time when user access is at a minimum, this is most likely at night.

    It is advisable that the time selected does not conflict or overlap a scheduled daily backup as this may cause EzyWine data files to be omitted from the backup.

  6. Next you will be prompted for user credentials to run the scheduled application. This must be a user with administrative privileges in order for the index re-index to run.

  7. Make sure you select the 'Open advanced properties ......' option at the next dialog before clicking the 'Finish' button.

  8. Make sure the 'Start In' field contains the full path to the EzyWine dataset you wish to re-index.


If you still receive the same error try changing the scheduled application to run 'SYS01BATV9.EXE'.


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