Technical FAQ

'File In Use' error when re-building application indexes


The Ezy Systems software requires exclusive use to all data when performing this operation. Exclusive access to Ezy Systems software files can occur in the following scenarios:

  1. Users currently logged into the Ezy Systems software.
  2. The server has not cleanly closed all open files.
  3.   A terminal server session has the Ezy Systems software open.


There are a number ways to resolve this problem. The following instructions should be performed at the server by a systems administrator:

  1. Use the terminal services administration application to determine and kill any vfp.exe or vfp6.exe processes still running.
  2. From the command line use:

    net file |find /i "ezy" |more

    To list all files in use containing the word ezy. This will list an ID number for each file in use. You can close each file individually by issuing the following command:

    net file <id#> /close

    The output from the first command will also list a user name. To match this user name to computer name use the command:

    net session |find /i "<username>"

    To close each session type:

    set session \\<netBios name> /delete /y
  3. You can check/close all open files using the GUI application 'Server Manager'.

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