Technical FAQ

How do I exchange data between EzyWine and Citech Systems devices?



EzyWine allows Citech Systems devices to download data. This data is in the form of a comma delimited file named EZYVSL.CSV and stored in the EzyWine application root directory.

View file structure and example output.

To enable the generation of this file perform the following steps:

  1. Change Production & Packaging system parameter Prod: Cellar Ops, Export Vessel Details to Yes.

    When Cellar Worksheet Updates occur a file named EZYVSL.CSV is created in the root EzyWine folder.
  2. Configure the Citech device with the source file and path.
    The path to the file can be determined by viewing the properties of the shortcut that starts the EzyWine application. The Start In field contains the path to the dataset folder.

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