Technical FAQ

Tips to improve application performance


Anti-virus should exclude file extensions:
*.DBF, *.CDX, *.FXP, *.DBC

Anti-virus should exclude the Vfp.exe application.

Current anti-virus doesn’t appear to allow for specific file extension exclusions, a full path is required. 

Changes to the AV exceptions should be made at the server and client side.

Make sure all user desktop shortcuts reference a mapped drive letter (e.g. Y:\) rather than a UNC path (e.g. \\DC1\Ezy).

Changed the share caching setting for the EzyWine shared folder.

Changed the security settings of shared folder to allow users full access.

Regularly delete the contents of the \Ezy\Tmp folder.

This folder can become full of temporary files over time and when the file count becomes too great application response times can be degraded.

This folder is cleaned out during the software upgrade installation.

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