Technical FAQ

Outlook is staying in the background behind Ezy


The server is setup so that Ezy runs in a remote desktop session (just Ezy not a whole desktop). This is also how the old server was setup. Outlook has been installed and user profiles created. This is working fine except when the email is actually generated, Outlook is staying in the background behind Ezy, not giving the users easy access to click Send (they have to minimise Ezy, hit Send and then maximise Ezy again).


I have had a bit of a play on our 2008 terminal server and discovered that in your particular scenario you (if the server OS is 2008 or better) that running EzyWine as a published app would fix this issue. Other benefits are:

  • that users close all terminal sessions cleanly
  • no open files left on the server
  • end users are not confused by multiple open windows
  • The application appears as if installed locally on the work station
  • Dependant applications such as Acrobat and Outlook (which still have to installed on the terminal server) appear to run locally and don’t lose focus.

It can be a bit fiddly to setup but well worth the effort in the long term. The only real complexity is specifying the working folder to start up. Information about how to configure this can be found here

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