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Publish Date: April 26, 2013


Taltarni in Victoria has invested heavily in a revamped website to capture the all-important direct-to-customer dollar. And front and centre on the site is the wine club and online store. Yes, there are warm and fuzzy pictures and it’s a great branding proposition, but this is also a no-nonsense site designed to move wine and keep the cash coming in.

Jacques Olivier, Taltarni’s financial controller, says direct sales are becoming increasingly important with the Coles-Woolworths domination and when they sat down to design the new site they made it a priority to make it as easy as possible for customers to order wine. They use EzyWine software powered by Ezy Systems.

Taltarni’s database of wine club members is growing steadily. “It is growing quickly and we are very, very happy with the way it’s going,” says Jacques, who adds the key to getting more members seems to be personal contact at cellar door and public events. “A positive experience with our staff, either at cellar door or at the events we hold, seems to be the best way of getting more members,” he says. “There is definitely something about the personal touch. We had events in Tasmania in January and signed many new members. Our first priority at events is to sign club members. And we treat everyone we meet in such a way that encourages them to have a good experience with us.”

Referrals also work well for Taltarni; they give members a free magnum of sparkling wine for every member they refer.

“The whole wine club process is easily managed using EzyWine” Jacques says.

Jacques says Taltarni’s old website was below-par but things are right on track now. “Our new website makes it easy to buy wine and the best thing is that it’s all automated,” he says. “We see no customer bank details, which was a major priority for us with all the privacy laws. One of the biggest problems with online wine shops is that so many people start the process of buying something, but then give it away because it all gets too hard. We think we have overcome that with an easy, fully automated system.”

Taltarni members receive a free gift-wrapped bottle of sparkling wine and a card on their birthday. “With us you’re not just a number, you’re a person,” says Jacques.

Sourced – WBM April 2013


Source: Australia's Wine Business Magazine

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