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Publish Date: April 1, 2012
Author: Unknown


Nick Cugura, director of Ezy Systems, says one of the things wineries get wrong when it comes to wine clubs and selling wine online, is double handling.

“A big mistake some wineries make is using spreadsheets to manage wine club orders and manually re-entering an order into an accounting system every time,” he says. “Another mistake is manually processing credit card payments and manually updating any changes to club member details. This all adds up to far too many steps, resulting in mistakes being made and loss of members.”

Nick says EzyWine consolidates orders, stock, EFT payment and freight including eParcel.

How many Australian wineries really know what they’re doing with wine clubs? “The majority of wineries have mailing lists, but a minority have a club with regular and ongoing commitment,” he says.

Nick says printed material is not dead when it comes to building a wine club. “It’s important to engage with club members via the internet, email and printed media,” he says. “Some wineries allow members to specify their preferred method of communication.”

He says wineries that have “cutting edge” wine clubs up and running include Grant Burge, Sam Miranda, Taltarni, Stanton & Killeen, Two Rivers, Wirra Wirra and d’Arenberg.

Nick says online shoppers want exclusive wines such as museum stock that cannot be purchased anywhere else. “They also want convenience and of course pricing is important,” he adds.

“The trick is to appeal to members who appreciate exceptional wines and want a connection with the winery – members are wanting a more  engaged relationship with the winery.”


Source: Australia's Wine Business Magazine

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