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Wine club management with Ezy Systems

Publish Date: October 1, 2010


With many wineries focused on wine clubs to increase revenue, there has been significant demand for training in the wine club, marketing and point of sale (POS) modules.

Ezy Systems director Nick Cugura says the Australian-owned software company has seen an increase of new clients this year wanting to streamline their business and better manage their wine clubs.

“To have a successful wine club you need to ensure that you have the right systems and people in place to manage your members and you need to regularly review whether your goals are being achieved, so that you can make informed decisions,” he said.

“Your wine club should be integrated with your accounting and stock control software so as to remove the time, cost and errors associated with maintaining multiple systems.

“This in turn will provide you with more time to manage your wine club members.”

Cugura says Ezy System’s ‘EzyAccounts’ package consolidates general accounting, asset register, payroll, wine club, marketing and POS and can easily be upgraded to ‘EzyWine’, which also consolidates vineyard management, winemaking, bottling and plant servicing.

“The wine club integration to modules such as stock control, logistics, general ledger, cash flow management, accounts receivable, cellar door sales and marketing removes the cost and errors associated with double entry when trying to use multiple packages,” he said.

“Potential clients can purchase a three-user license of EzyAccounts, which includes general accounting, wine club, asset register and payroll modules for $15,000 including setup and three days onsite training.”

According to Cugura, a successful wine club can create a new revenue stream and move a lot of wine, a goal EzyWine helps achieve by automating the management of members.

“It’s important to have defined goals and to regularly measure whether they are being achieved,” he said.

“There should benefits to you and the wine club member and you will need to invest time and resources to ensure that goals are met.”

Rewards program helps tempt

A rewards program can be implemented where members accrue points on purchases and can then redeem points to purchase wine or merchandise. Reward points are easy to implement, require no maintenance and points could also be redeemed in a café or restaurant.

“If you want to start a wine club and have a list of potential members, you may want to provide a tempting offer, latest newsletter, rewards program information, with a registration form which includes their preferences and payment details,” Cugura said.

“These new members are then created in EzyWine as Debtors.”

Websites build a profile

According to Cugura, a $3000 budget should be sufficient for a web designer to provide a website allowing for changes to be made to pages, such as wine lists, what’s new, tasting notes and other information.

Annual fees include $200 for website hosting and $80 to register your domain name.

“More elaborate websites will allow members to maintain their profiles, purchase wines and record payment details,” Cugura said.

“These sales are then automatically imported into EzyAccounts for processing. However, these websites can be quite expensive to develop and you need to decide whether the cost can be justified.

“If members are able to change their contact details on a website, it can be synchronized to maintain EzyAccounts profile accordingly.”

Keep contact with club members

“Wine members should be informed of new releases, wine show results, winery activities, upcoming events and wine, café or restaurant offers,” Cugura said.

“You may want to acknowledge members birthdays by sending them a birthday email or gift.

“Member sales history can be utilised to determine how to best identify members to be targeted; it can also be used to identify those members that have been active and those that haven’t.”

There are a number of other benefits involved with using Ezy Systems wine club management options, as well as strong advise from experienced staff.

This includes covering a range of areas such as processing a sale, profiling, matching stock to a group of members and reserving allocation, periodic scheduling, reporting and a range of other benefits aimed at maximizing a company’s returns.

For more information, contact Ezy Systems online at www.ezysys.com.au or call 03 5441 2044.


Source: Australian & New Zealand Grapegrower & Winemaker

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