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The future - will wineries end up again as co-operatives?

Publish Date: February 1, 2009


Profiling international trends, South African wineries are looking for flexibility in their IT software that has to provide them with the facility to not only monitor, but trace their input costs as well. Only efficient wine businesses are likely to survive the current period of consolidation, competition and tight margins.

More than most professions, winemakers particularly are challenged by the complexities of their supply chain and route to the market. From being a primary producer through to the wholesaler,
manufacturer, distributor, restaurateur and sometimes right down to a bed and breakfast operator.

Wineries generally have a different management system for each of these facets of their business, which doesn’t make much sense from an efficiency perspective.

EzyWine provides an integration of all the software packages needed to run a wine business into one programme. It means wineries no longer need to run separate accounting, bottling, payroll, vineyard, asset register, marketing, distribution, budgeting, mail order, winemaking, cellar door sales and preventative maintenance packages – removing the inaccuracies and costs associated with double entry.

Around the world some 250 worldclass wineries are now operating on the EzyWine system, including 53 right here in South Africa who have installed the suite of EzyWine IT management
products, aimed at streamlining and automating stock control and costing. The system is providing reliable and timely information for management’s use.

“In the last few years we’ve seen wineries paying more attention to their margins. We know that they want better stock control and it’s because winemaking is now so competitive,” says Stellenbosch-based CEO of Action Technologies, Mark Lansdell. “Our client base speaks volumes; we are proud of what they have achieved and we look forward to supplying them with the technology that is constantly changing pace to meet current and future demands.”

Many wineries are unfortunately still being sold ‘standalone systems’ that don’t have integrated accounting functionality, hence limiting the wineries’ ability to meet the growing demands of a globally competitive industry.

“From a cost point of view, a lot of wineries prior to installing EzyWine did not know what was happening in their business. Many winery owners told us at the start of our business relationship
with them that in all honesty they did not truly know exactly how much a bottle of wine costs them to produce. Now all that has changed.” One of the main benefits of using a completely integrated
IT system is the comprehensive data available at the company’s fingertips, from receipt of grapes right through to selling of the finished wine product, including keeping track of stock movement via individual lot traceability.

The EzyWine system ensures that all HACCP, ISO, BRC and other statutory requirements are met and do not become an administrative burden to the business.

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Source: WineLand Magazine

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