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International success is 'Ezy'

Publish Date: March 1, 1996


Australian winery software developer Ezy Systems has gone international and has its sights focused on the US wine industry.

Marketing director Nicholas Cugura is understandably excited at the extension of the company's business into New Zealand. More than 30 wineries, including six in New Zealand, now use the system, which fully integrates all the vineyard activities, cellar operations, plant maintenance, bottling and accounting functions.

"The software is an innovative tool that equips wineries to operate in an increasingly competitive market," said Nick Cugura.

"It consolidates all the winery procedures into one comprehensive package, sold and supported by the one professional organization. Many wineries have replaced existing accounting, wine making, payroll and vineyard packages with the Ezy Winery Management System."

Nick points out that every effort is made to ensure the system is extremely easy to use, flexible, expandable and fully tested by Ezy's quality assurance team. It can also be readily enhanced.

A further 25 installations are scheduled by the end of the year.

Nick says Ezy Systems was founded as a result of the directors' disenchantment with software companies which ignored the needs of their clients, rather than providing them with genuine service. "Our success lies in the fact that upgrades of the software are free. The wineries are actually encouraged to recommend enhancements that will improve the functionality of the system."

Most of the enhancements in the January release of the Ezy Winery Management System were a direct result of suggestions made by the wineries using the system.


Source: The Australian & New Zealand Wine Industry Journal

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