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Ezy Vine keeps vineyards under control

Publish Date: June 1, 1996


Ezy vine Vineyard Management System allows you to easily and accurately record block income and expenses, and clearly report the overall performance of your vineyard.

Ezy vine is based on the vineyard module of the popular Ezy Winery Management system that is used by many of the top ten wineries in Australia and New Zealand.

Ezy Systems Pty Ltd is an Australian software developer committed to meeting the requirements of Australia and New Zealand wineries and vignerons.

Some of its outstanding features include block details such as trellis, clone , soil, plant area, irrigation area, row width, vine spacing and rootstock. Block analysis such as temperature , baume, pH, rainfall, frosts and TA. Multiple vineyards and blocks are all supported. Profit/Loss reports that allow you to compare months and vintages. Analysis graphs clearly showing changes in analysis such as baume, temperature and rainfall.

Ezy vine will run on any IBM compatible computer, regardless of speed or monitor type, with at least 20Mb of available hard disk space and 640Kb of RAM.

No technical experience is needed. Ezy vine comes with installation instructions and manual. You can be up and running in less than an hour.

The price of the Ezy vine package includes shipping, handling and phone support.

An upgrade version of Ezy vine is released each year and existing users can trade in their disks for the new version for a nominal fee.


Source: Victorian Viticulture News

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