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Major computer boost for vine skills program

Publish Date: February 1, 1997


The viticulture training program at Barossa Skillshare received a major boost when it installed The EZY Vine Vineyard Management computer package.

The software is based on the vineyard module of the popular EZY Winery Management system which is used by wineries in Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

It is designed to record analysis and operations conducted throughout the vineyard or in individual blocks.

Barossa Skillshare's viticulture coordinator Peter Lawrie said the software was a valuable contribution to the viticultural training program.

"Incorporating use of the system in training will not only improve trainees' computer skills but it will also provide them with a solid understanding and appreciation of overall vineyard operations," Mr. Lawrie said.


Source: GrapeGrowers & Vignerons

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