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An Ezy system for wineries

Publish Date: July 27, 2002
Author: Bendigo Advertiser


A computer software system developed in Bendigo has taken the world's wine industry by storm.

Bendigo company Ezy Systems' software program, EzyWine, is being adopted by wineries in New Zealand, Europe, South Africa and now South America.

EzyWine was released in 1994. Ezy Systems' director Nick Cugura and trainer Jo Gaskell have just returned from Chile where they introduced the program to two wineries. "The program covers every aspect of the wine industry," Mr Cugura said yesterday. "The two wineries in Chile said they had never seen anything like it. "The program captures every bit of activity which happens at a winery, so separate spreadsheets, payroll systems or accounting systems don't need to be used".

EzyWine integrates six major areas of the industry, including wine-making, packaging, payroll, marketing, invoicing and purchase orders. "We've got over 200 clients using it," Mr Cugura said. "They are not small wineries; they have to be 500-tonne or more to use the program.

"The second largest winery in Australia uses it, the third-largest in New Zealand and the top three in South Africa use it." "I expect we will eventually have as many as 50 wineries in Chile using the program".

The starting price for Ezy Wine is $25,000.

"The software was so successful that we've seen as many as six competitors disappear because our service was so much better. We've got about 80 per cent of the Australian market that can justify using this software".

Ezy Systems employs 12 people and is located in Mollison Street, Bendigo.


Source: The Bendigo Advertiser

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