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Publish Date: April 1, 2003


Ezy Systems’ EzyWine package is an integrated software program specifically designed for managing wineries and vineyards that produce in excess of 500 tonnes. The system integrates a vast array of daily functions from general ledger through to stock control and movement, eliminating double entries and providing the user with an accurate picture of their business across the board.

The EzyWine package encompasses vineyard management, grape intake, winemaking, contract processing, lab analysis, packaging, MRP, preventative maintenance, general ledger, asset register, payroll, purchasing, warehousing, stock costing, sales, allocations, budgeting, marketing, company consolidation, point of sale, forecasting and financial reporting.

It also meets statutory requirements such as Spray Diary, BAS, WET, GST, AWBC LIP, Customs Fortification, OH&S, PAYG and Group Certificates.

“The main advantage of our software is the integration of critical data between the modules which enables the user to know what both hands are doing at the same time,” says Nick Cugura, director of Ezy Systems.

Also a director of Bill Hill Vineyard in Bendigo, Cugura speaks from experience when he says that installing an integrated software solution delivers long-term benefits that are definitely worth the initial investment.

“The seamless integration of tasks is the only way to truly benefit from the data collected. We have converted a number of wineries from single task software to our integrated software and the results speak for themselves with clients reporting a much higher level of accuracy in the information they are able to extract.”

South Australia’s Henschke Wines has been using Ezy Systems since 1998 for its winery management. Mark Graetz, company secretary said, “We were using four separate packages to manage what we now run through Ezy Systems. The total integration of our system has facilitated greater control over our inventory which means we can more effectively manage our business; a critical factor to success in today’s competitive climate.


Source: Australian & New Zealand Grapegrower & Winemaker

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