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Publish Date: November 1, 2003


Ezy Systems provides arguably the most comprehensive suite of applications for winery and block management in Australia with lead product EzyWine consolidating all winery procedures into a single package.

Developed by directors Nick Cugura and Peter Ellis over 10 years, off a base of 25 years industry IT experience, the software applications are robust and flexible.

Unlike many software manufacturers, Ezy Systems distinguishes itself by the extent of its belief in, and practice of, customer service and support. This means that in November and May of each year Ezy Systems staff hit the road to visit each one of their clients around the world. That this is not a large company, and one based in Bendigo, says something for its commitment to client service. Maintaining that open line of communication and support with the customer base is a huge advantage, Nick said.


With market share of more than 90 per cent of wineries processing greater than 500 tonnes, Ezy is doing something right. That something is the integration of modules suitable for all aspects of vineyard and winery operation. EzyWine demonstrates this with its integration of modules for accounting, bottling, payroll, vineyard, asset register, marketing, budgeting, winemaking and plant servicing packages, to mention a few.

In addition, EzyWine interfaces with devices supplying data, for example through a PLC (programmable logic controller) or SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) facility, including bar coders, weather stations, time clocks, Maselli analysers, bottling lines, EFT points, e-mail, weighbridge scales, temperature controllers, point of sale locations and barrel scanners. Nick says this functionality enables significant streamlining of business operations.

EzyWine is not cheap, but neither is it priced at the top end of similar professional industrial software. “The amortisation period, in terms of the system paying for itself through expenditure saved, depends on how the tool is applied, its frequency of use and the size of the winery or vineyard,” Nick said.

The system facilitates the management of costs, debt control, quality control, minimization of production delays, data security, reporting, dispatch and stock control batch and vessel audit and full accounting.

EzyWine is also working in Chile, South Africa, New Zealand, the EU and Bulgaria. The US market is the next target and Nick is confident that his products will be well received.


Source: Australian Vignerons

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