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EzyWine Training Seminars

Publish Date: March 1, 2005


The main purpose for conducting regular training seminars in most wine regions is to provide wineries with cost effective training and to ensure that every user of EzyWine has access to structured training says director, Nick Cugura.

Other benefits include obtaining useful procedural documentation, learning about new enhancements, picking up valuable tips that will allow them to utilise EzyWine more efficiently, meeting counterparts at other wineries and sharing of information between wineries. Most seminar attendees in 2004 provided the following feedback; more confident in using EzyWine, better understand the impact their work has on their colleagues, learnt something that will make them more efficient in the use of the software, discovered new features and modules they will utilise, underestimated the power of EzyWine as a complete ERP solution, learnt better procedures to manage their business and made valuable contacts with their counterparts at other wineries.


Source: Australian Vignerons

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