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Publish Date: May 1, 2005


Australian software developer Ezy Systems specialise in a fully integrated vineyard management, winemaking, bottling, plant servicing and accounting ERP solution.

EzyWine streamlines all your winery procedures into one comprehensive package which can be easily utilised by all your staff. You no longer need to run stand-alone accounting, bottling, payroll, vineyard, asset register, marketing, distribution, budgeting, mail order, winemaking, cellar door sales and preventative maintenance packages, removing the inaccuracies and costs associated with double-entry.

The interfacing to devices such as cash registers, weighbridge scales, barcode scanners, PDAs, time clocks, weather stations and analysers also reduces errors and saves money.

EzyWine meets statutory requirements including the Wine & Brandy Corporation (LIP), Australian Customs (Fortification), Australian Bureau of Statistics, PAYG, Payment Summaries, GST Register, WET Register, WET Rebate, BAS, Creditor and Grower Withholding Tax, OH&S, ISO, HACCP, FDA Bioterrorism and Superannuation. Data within EzyWine can be easily exchanged with third parties such as contract bottling companies, customers, suppliers and remote warehouses, thus minimising the paper trail. It can also be easily accessed by products such as temperature control systems, MS Excel, MS Access, Cognos and Crystal.

Ezy Systems has a proven track record in Australia, South Africa, Europe, New Zealand and South America and is proud to list its 280 clients on its website www.ezysys.com.au.

“Our winery clients vary in size from processing 250 tonnes to 250,000 tonnes with between 2 and 150 users” says Director, Nick Cugura. With thousands of users now proficient in the use of EzyWine, experienced staff are easier to find.

Clients are encouraged to make suggestions with wineries such as Pipers Brook, Boar’s Rock, Campbells, Henschke, Cassegrain, Clairault, Cumulus, Evans & Tate, Haselgrove, Arrowfield, Wingara, Domaine Chandon, Kingston, Sevenhill, Scotchmans and Taylors making regular contributions to the ongoing development of EzyWine at no extra cost. These enhancements are collated and given to each client with the bi-annual upgrade visit which ensures that the package does not become obsolete.

Wineries such as McGuigan Simeon, Peter Lehmann and Casella have experienced substantial growth and EzyWine has met their internal control, acquisition, internet, EDI and reporting requirements. These clients and DGB ( South Africa) have upgraded to the recently released SQL based EzyWine Enterprise version, which offers more scalability and improved data security.

“Although the focus at Ezy Systems has always been on functionality and finding better ways of streamlining winery activities, the user interface and report formatting are also being enhanced to increase user productivity” co-Director, Peter Ellis, said.


Source: Australian Vignerons

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