Nick Cugura

Nick Cugura

QA & Marketing Director

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Nick Cugura is a Director of Ezy Systems.

Nick was born and raised in Melbourne, completed year 12 at Caulfield Grammar and Bachelor of Applied Science (Computing) at Monash University.  He worked as a programmer and business analyst in Melbourne, Sydney, Calgary (Canada) and New York (USA) for several years, primarily for petroleum and large accounting firms such as KPMG.

March 1993 Nick started Ezy Systems in Bendigo with co-founder Peter Ellis, specialising in winery management software, encompassing vineyard management, vintage operations, winemaking, bottling, plant servicing, general accounting, asset register, CRM, payroll, HR, wine club and POS.

The decision to develop winery software was a result of the introduction of the Australian Wine & Brandy Corporation in 1993, which was renamed Wine Australia.  It was an opportunity to develop software that would assist wineries to meet the wine appellation (LIP) requirements.  The first few clients included Shayne Cunningham at Vic Alps Wines and John Casella at Casella Wines. EzyWine clients continue to increase across several countries.

Nick also founded Big Hill Vineyard near Bendigo in 1998, planting Shiraz, Merlot and Cabernet vines.  Big Hill Vineyard is a popular venue for functions, weddings, conferences and major concerts.  It was also the first winery to host the Day On The Green.

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