Pro Migration Steps

Publish Date: July 12, 2022
Author: Nick Cugura


Pro Migration

Live migration can occur within a few days of completing user-acceptance testing!


  • User friendly interface
  • Processing transactions is quicker and easier
  • Tabs allow data to be recorded in any order
  • Scroll Lists replaced with radio buttons so that all options are always visible
  • Pick Lists replaced with powerful search tools making it easier to select required data to be edited or reported
  • All cellar operations and reporting can be performed from within the Vessel Map as well as drag-and-drop
  • Multiple menu options can be opened with single login
  • Every menu option can be exported directly to MS Excel
  • Rebuild indexes no longer required
  • Latest changes can be viewed and loaded every day
  • SQL provides more robust and secure storage.

Cloud Hosting

Bendigo Community Telco, our local cloud provider, can  provide cloud hosting for $150 per user per month.

We will assist cloud providers with migration to Pro.



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