ATO Payroll STP Phase 2

Publish Date: December 21, 2021
Author: John Harrington


Attention Accounting/Payroll Staff

The Australian Tax Office have mandated Single Touch Payroll (STP) Phase 2 to commence from January 1 2022.  We’ve completed internal testing for the STP Phase 2 roll out, but due to demand on the ATO for their ‘Acceptance Testing’ portal, we’ve been unable to gain their approval for our transition to Phase 2 roll out. 

As a result, they’ve issued us with a 4 month deferral for our Phase 2 roll out.  The ‘Deferral Notice’ is attached and applies to all Payroll Users of the EzyWine software package.  The ATO advises that should they contact you about your Transition to Phase 2, you should quote them the ‘Deferral Reference Number’……98 526 325

A hard copy of the Deferral Notice has been emailed to your System Administrator and Payroll Staff.

Once we get ATO Approval to proceed with our STP Phase 2 Solution roll out, we’ll send you a separate notice outlining the changes required in the system.  There are just 2 simples changes that will take you from 5 – 15 minutes max. to implement.  After that, the generation process is the same it’s always been and the generated STP file will include new and revised reporting fields.

Please call or email the Support Team if you have any questions re any of the above.


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