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EzyWineCLOUD hosting

EzyWine hosting is now available!

A full featured version of EzyWine can be installed on your own virtual server hosted at Bendigo Community Telco, who have the full support and backing of Community Telco Australia and the Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Group.

Peace of Mind

Your data will be available when and where you need it using any device.
You will no longer need to:

  • purchase a server for EzyWine
  • upgrade your operating system
  • load EzyWine upgrades
  • upgrade antivirus software
  • change the backup device
  • wonder whether backup worked.

Pricing for this service is as follows:

$200 per user setup fee. This is a once off setup cost.
$50 per user/per month ongoing monthly fee.

For more details, contact our IT Manager, Adrian at Ezy Systems on 03 5441 2044.


Free up expensive office space

Servers are sensitive equipment, for maximum life and performance they should be maintained in an environment with a constant temperature that is free of dust and shielded from power fluctuations. This, compounded by the fact that they are usually very noisy, means that a server often requires its own dedicated room, and thousands of dollars of ancillary equipment (e.g. Air conditioner, Uninterruptable Power Supply, Tape backup drives).

Bendigo Community Telco Virtual Servers eliminate this requirement. Your data is housed at our purpose-built, state of the art data centre. Our data centre has the highest standards of environmental controls to ensure a controlled and consistent environment for our virtual servers. Bendigo Community Telco has invested in redundant air-conditioners and uninterruptable power supplies supported by diesel generators to protect from power outages, so you don’t have to.

Why Choose a Virtual Server?

Business owners are often shocked to learn that their initial capital investment in server hardware (often in excess of $100,000) only represents a fraction of the total cost of ownership. However, for many businesses, server ownership has been an expensive necessity. A properly maintained physical server should be housed in a secure, climate controlled room; and backup media should be taken offsite regularly to ensure your corporate data is safe in the event of a disaster. Bendigo Community Telco Hosted Virtual Servers simplify server ownership and maintenance, by providing all the business benefits of having a dedicated server, without any of the hidden costs.

World class infrastructure

Bendigo Community Telco has invested heavily in a world class infrastructure platform. Your server is virtualised using VMWare software and runs on Cisco’s Unified Computing System servers as well as EMC data storage. By moving to Virtual Servers provided by Bendigo Community Telco, you can leverage our investment and enjoy the benefits and performance that comes with the highest quality infrastructure, without having to invest capital on your own equipment.

Backups made easy

Businesses do not just rely on backups for disaster recovery. Accidental file deletions, software issues or failed updates can necessitate the restoration of files. Tape-based backup solutions used to make this a painstaking process, but with Bendigo Community Telco’s Virtual Servers these can be restored quickly and easily with a phone call to the TAC. Individual files can be restored, or your entire server can be reverted to a point in time over the past 28 days. Our recovery times are measured in minutes, not days or weeks. BCT are able to offer two types of Backup:

  1. Backup Method #1 – Nightly Snapshot
    All BCT Virtual Servers are backed up once a night. There is no file level restoration and the backups are only held for 28 days. The Nightly Snapshot is used for complete server restoration in the event of a complete server disaster.
  2. Backup Method #2 – Gold and Silver Backup
    An additional backup service can be purchased giving customers file level backup and retention of backups for 1 month.
    1. Gold
      Hourly Incremental Backup with a Daily Full Backup
      Hourly Recovery Points available for 7 days. Daily Recovery Points available for 28 days.
    2. Silver
      Daily Incremental Backup with a Weekly Full Backup
      Daily Recovery Points available for 28 days.
Infrastructure flexibility

Virtual Servers make scaling up or down easy. Hardware resources (Memory, CPU or HDD) can be added or removed with ease, as can software licenses. Most software is licensed on a per-user, per-month basis; which means you no longer have the expensive outlay for software when you increase your staff, and you can take advantages of savings immediately if your staff numbers decrease. This means your server can always be scaled to meet your current use, without expensive upgrade or downgrade costs.

Don’t worry about fire or floods

How would your business function if your servers were destroyed by fire or flood? How quickly could you realistically get replacement equipment and restore your data from backups? For many businesses, it could be weeks before the IT department could have everything back up and running, costing your business significant money in the process. For some businesses, losing servers and data due to fire or floods can be fatal for the business.

Security is critical

In August 2003, two men stole sensitive data from the Australian customs service by walking into Sydney International Airport and physically stealing a server containing sensitive data. If your server is kept at your office, or your backup tapes are routinely kept in unknown locations – how difficult would it be for someone to physically steal your data?

Bendigo Community Telco specialises in providing services to financial institutions and meets the highest security industry best practices. All Bendigo Community Telco staff have undergone police checks and are trained in our Information security policy. Access to Bendigo Community Telco buildings are restricted and logged via electronic security passes and all staff and visitors must where ID tags at all times.

It’s better for the environment

An advantage of a dedicated, secure hosting centre is that it is far more energy efficient than individual server rooms. By virtue of thick cement walls, our facility is well insulated, and cooling hundreds of computers with central industrial air-conditioners provides significant energy savings. Further savings are made by having multiple virtual servers on the same physical hardware, meaning it is far better for the environment than you having a dedicated room with a dedicated air-conditioner for only a few servers.

Premium Connectivity

In order to deliver the best user experience when moving to a virtual environment, having secure, reliable, high speed and high performance connectivity to your cloud infrastructure is essential. Bendigo Community Telco can offer high speed optical fibre connectivity with low latency, low jitter and industry leading Service Level Agreements that will ensure that the end user experience is second to none. Furthermore, carrier diverse redundancy options are available to ensure any downtime is kept to a minimum.

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